Our Team


Richard Burke
Equipment Engineer


Richard Burke’s responsibilities range from assisting in tool selection to interfacing with facilities and utilities personnel to ensure tool needs and requirements are available and ready. He also plays a key role in the research of the proper “point-of-use” peripheral equipment for supporting tool processing capability.

Burke has more than 35 years in the semiconductor industry. He worked at Texas Instruments as a litho technician for two years then moved to Colorado Springs where he served more than 16 years at Honeywell/Atmel supporting the litho and then etch group as equipment engineer. In the late 1990’s he accepted the role of east coast regional manager for Shibatec, a subsidiary of Shibaura Mechatronics out of Yokohama, Japan. While there he managed customer and technical support duties for companies such as IBM, Micron, and Sony.

Most recently he worked for Micron Technology Virginia supporting the etch group and later with Tokyo Electron of America supporting Samsung Austin Semiconductor.