Our Team


David Saathoff
Executive Director


David Saathoff has the overall responsibility of supporting the successful ramp-up of the ICAMR consortium, planning for strategic initiatives, formation of international alliances, aligning government-industry-university programs, driving economic and business development, and structuring governance and business operations for the company.

Saathoff was senior vice president for SEMATECH, with overall responsibility for Strategic Planning, all Business Operations, and Business Development. Since 1999 Saathoff served as Chief Administrative Officer with responsibility for the strategic, business development, and external programs functions in the consortium, as well as for the administrative areas of Finance and Accounting, Information Technology, Law, Contracts and Procurement, Corporate Relations, Human Resources, Program Management, and Corporate Services. Saathoff joined the start-up team of SEMATECH in 1988 as part of the large-scale semiconductor industry – DOD DARPA initiative, serving through 2014, and he was responsible for the start-ups of the International 300 mm Initiative (I300I), International SEMATECH, and SEMATECH North and the Albany New York site. Prior to being named to his current position, he also served as I300I’s director of Business and Administration, and as SEMATECH’s director of International Business Operations and International Business Development.

Saathoff plays a central role in developing advanced and emerging technology strategies and programs, particularly as they relate to regional and national economic development. He also has extensive experience in structuring collaborations in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Saathoff’s background is in management, corporate finance, and strategic planning. He attended both the University of Texas at Austin and Harvard Business School.