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Gloria Wiens, Ph.D.
FloridaMakes, Director of Advanced Manufacturing - BRIDG
Florida’s NIST/Manufacturing Extension Partnership Center – FloridaMakes



In 2013-2015, Dr. Gloria Wiens served in the Advanced Manufacturing National Program Office (AMNPO), as Assistant Director for Research Partnerships and ASME Foundation Swanson Fellow.  In this capacity she worked with AMNPO and Federal agency staff to plan, design and develop formal documents for announcements and solicitations for the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation (NNMI, rebranded as “Manufacturing USA”) institutes, and was responsible for physical and electronic outreach to non-Federal stakeholders to ensure effective whole-of-government interface communications for advanced manufacturing.

During her term in the AMNPO, Dr. Wiens concurrently held and has retained her position as an associate professor in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, where she also serves as Director of the Space, Automation, and Manufacturing Mechanisms (SAMM) Laboratory.

As of Fall 2016, Dr. Wiens now serves as the FloridaMakes, Director for Advanced Manufacturing at the International Consortium for Advanced Manufacturing Research (ICAMR).  In this position, Dr. Wiens supports the partnership of Florida’s NIST/Manufacturing Extension Partnership Center (FloridaMakes) with ICAMR, working collaborative to accelerate advanced manufacturing technology to Florida’s manufacturing sector.

Research Interest and Areas of Contribution:

In her career, Dr. Wiens has conducted research in the areas of intelligent and autonomous robotic systems, innovative mechanisms and controls for automation, space robotics/small satellites, manufacturing and micro-electro-mechanical systems.  She has theoretical and experimental expertise in dynamics and controls of flexible multibody systems; system identification; design and control of robots using intelligent, event-driven, and physics-based modeling techniques; sensor-enabled dynamic (active) fixturing for micro/mesoscale manufacturing systems; system automation; modeling and design of MEMS devices; and design, path-planning, dynamics and control of reconfigurable, cooperative multi-robotic systems.

Some of Professor Wiens’ more recent contributions have been in:

  • Building enabling capabilities for design and control of heterogeneous expert robots for on-orbit servicing including introduction of innovative folding mechanisms for enhancing the functionality of small satellites and their mission capabilities; and intelligent grasping for the NASA Robonaut.
  • Designing of the next generation of flexible, active fixturing systems focusing on the mechanical adaptability of fixture design with embedded control of process dynamics. This research impacts precision manufacturing and micro-assembly.

Other Synergistic Activities:

Professor Wiens has served on numerous panels, committees, U.S.A. delegations and boards for NSF, ASME, IEEE, SME, etc. to help provide direction and evaluation outside of University of Florida, and has led or organized over 40 committees and conferences. Her research projects have involved collaboration with National Laboratories (AFRL, SNL, NIST, NASA/JSC, NASA/LaRc and NASA/MSFC) and industry (Fanuc Robotics North America, Ford and Lockheed Martin Corporation).

Professor Wiens has been actively supportive of under-represented groups throughout her career and since 2008 she has been a member of the Design Engineering Division Committee on Broadening Participation.  She also provided technology support for the University of Florida’s eWITS-Empowering Women In Technology Startups, a new program in Fall 2012 leading to a new start-up company.

Recent Honors & Awards:

2016 United States Department of Commerce, Certificate of Appreciation – from Secretary Penny Pritzker
2013-2015 ASME Foundation Swanson Fellow
2010 National Research Council – Senior Research Associate, AFRL/RVSV-Kirtland
One of 50 US Participants in the NSF Women’s International Research Engineering Summit (WIRES), Barcelona, Spain, June 2-4, 2009.